How Cascade Helps Elevate Employee Engagement

Meet CascadeAI, the leading AI-powered assistant for employee support and HR teams

We help HR teams engage with employees with higher accuracy, lower costs, and world-class service in every interaction.

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Cascade AI is designed to scale alongside your organization's growth. As your workforce expands, our chatbot can handle increased HR interactions without the need for additional personnel.

Improved Response Accuracy

Cascade's generative AI solution learns from your specific data, improving response accuracy and ensuring tailored assistance to your employees.


Cascade AI features a clean and intuitive user interface that requires no technical expertise to navigate. Our chatbot is designed to provide personalized assistance to employees.

24/7 Availability

By providing 24/7 availability, the chatbot reduces the reliance on HR personnel for routine inquiries and support. Cascade AI ensures flexibility by being available around the clock.

Secure and Trusted

We consistently adhere to rigorous compliance, data privacy and security standards. We designed Cascade AI to run on trust, and we built our software with security as top-of-mind. We conduct regular threat modeling reviews to maintain the trust of our customers over time.

Cascade AI in the News

May 2023

Cascade Health CEO Ana-Maria Constantin Wins the GeekWire Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Celebrating the Success of Ana-Maria Constantin, CEO of Cascade Health: A Finalist...

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How we’re different

Customize our generative AI assistant with your own data

Personalize the tone, feel, and communication style

Enable live Q&A with employees leveraging our AI assistant

Access aggregated insights from your organization in real time

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