Cascade AI

Trusted AI for HR and Benefits

We're the only enterprise AI solution focused on employee assistance for HR & Benefits. Our customers have 10X the ability of their HR teams to support employees across the organization. Our goal is to build the most advanced, trusted and helpful AI for HR teams and the employees they serve.

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What We Do

We provide integrated, personalized, and on-demand support that goes far beyond
what can be delivered with current solutions, such as call centers, cumbersome
chatbots, outdated portals, and ticketing systems.

Cascade leverages the power of Large Language Models and generative AI to provide
accurate, trusted 24/7 support for your most valuable asset: your employees.

Cascade AI

Tailored for Employee Assistance
on HR and Benefits

At Cascade, we provide complete, easy to use solutions for your HR and Benefits
teams and are committed to partnering with you at every step of the way.

Elevate and Engage Employees

Your teams will receive custom implementation roadmaps aligned with your needs, and a plan for monitoring insights from your employees and driving engagement in the programs that matter the most.

Personalized Support for Benefits

Benefits, Total Rewards, Leave Digital Navigation, and more

Global Assistance with Multi-lingual Support

Providing support and assistance to users worldwide.

Optimize HR and Benefits Engagement

Increase productivity, reduce benefits complexity, eliminate confusion, and cut through the chaos.

Enhance and Empower the HR Benefits Team

By freeing up time, your HR teams are empowered to focus on communications, plan design, and strategy, reaping the benefits of generative AI in a way that maximizes value to your organization.

  • 10X extension of the HR team
  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Enhance all vendor relationships in the US and globally

Cascade AI

Elevate the Employee
Experience for HR and Benefits
with Cascade AI

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